A Little About Me

Anthony Saltarelli at Holy Cross

Hello! My name is Anthony Saltarelli and I am the CEO of Stand Up Tech, and Chin Up Technologies, technology startups focused on making a lasting impact.

I attend the College of the Holy Cross and am a Senior computer science major. At Holy Cross, I am involved in various clubs and organizations as well as hold a few leadership positions.

2014-2015 (First Year):

  • Secretary, treasurer, and interim Co-Chair for my residence hall's House Council.
  • Publicity Co-Chair for the Campus Activities Board.

2015-2016 (Second Year)

  • Orientation Leader for the award-winning Holy Cross Gateways Orientation Program.
  • Resident Assistant in Healy Hall, one of the three Sophomore residence halls. 
  • Publicity Coordinator on the Executive Board for the Campus Activities Board
  • Admissions Tour Guide.

2016-2017 (Third Year)

  • Resident Assistant in Alumni Hall, one of the three Junior residence halls. 
  • Spring Concert Co-Chair for the Campus Activities Board.
  • Admissions Tour Guide. 

2017-2018 (Fourth Year)

  • Director of Public Relations for the Student Government Association

Outside of Holy Cross, I am also an EMT, a freelance graphic designer, videographer, and programmer.

What i can offer

I am all about product development. I'm also all about building strong teams. When an idea is presented to me, I immediately begin to consider everything from the ethical components of that project, to who we will need on the team, to how to turn this idea into a full product that users will want to use. How are we going to make this product part or our user's daily routine? How are we going to get this user to market the product for us? I thrive in considering all aspects of a project and determining what needs to get done in what order. 

My Mission

I have a true passion for connecting people through technology and creating products that people can't live without. Whether it be through my company, Chin Up Technologies, or through smaller projects, I love seeing people come together via technology.